2023-09-15 What Is Lars Thinking ("WILT")

Submitted by Lars.Toomre on Fri, 09/15/2023 - 18:00
Example of person attribute knowledge graph

Various people have requested that Brass Rat Capital share more about what this FinTech "skunkworks" does these days professionally, especially in light of what some say is an eclectic collection of books that Lars periodically shares. After some discussions this past week, it has been agreed that each day both here on the Brass Rat Capital website and Lars Toomre's personal website, there will be at least one posting of a Lars Semantic Concept Definitions ("LSCD").

These LSCDs are used in Knowledge Graphs ("KGs"), Large Language Models ("LLMs"), and Generative Artificial Intelligence ("Gen AI") applications to help devices understand information in the same way that a human might. Such applications include those in the areas of Machine-Readable Reporting ("MRR"), Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP"), and Robotic Process Automation ("RPA").

Several business associates and college friends have also asked about how Brass Rat Capital is going to be approaching the whole Gen AI technology and problem space. These LSCDs are a key part of the forthcoming solutions that presently are being developed. If you would like to know more, please email Lars Toomre. Thanks.